Fluoride for the Win: A Non-Invasive Way To Control Tooth Decay

Fluoride for the Win: A Non-Invasive Way To Control Tooth Decay

Say goodbye to your fear of dentists; non-invasive treatments are the way of the future! Dentists have successfully found a way to control and prevent tooth decay using silver diamine fluoride (SDF): a compound consisting of silver, water, fluoride and ammonia. By combining fluoride’s ability to remineralize teeth with silver’s antibacterial properties, SDF can strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities from growing and spreading to other teeth.


When your dentist is treating cavities, they’ll apply the silver diamine fluoride directly to the problem area to prevent caries from occurring. Traditionally, fluoride varnish was used to prevent cavities but compared to SDF, the results weren’t nearly as effective. Studies state that most dentists apply SDF once per year while varnishes often need to be reapplied upwards of four times.

Silver diamine fluoride plays a huge part in silver modified atraumatic restorative technique (SMART) restorations. SMART restorations stop decay and protect your smile using a combination of SDF and glass ionomer cement (GIC).

In as little as one appointment, SMART procedures successfully prevent and treat caries. The silver in the SDF contains antibacterial and remineralizing properties while the GIC has the ability to isolate any surviving bacteria, protecting the tooth from any further damage. Together, they quickly restore the area and make it good as new.


With results like that, SDF should stand for Super Duper Fantastic! Be SMART and book your appointment today to learn more about non-invasive treatments.

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